We would like to thank everyone who was involved in HUTT. The fantastic artists who poured their time, energy and enthusiasm into the project, the people who came to the exhibitions and engaged with the project and the volunteers, supporters, advisors and equipment loaners without whom we would never have got anything done. 



Aimme Bollu

Alfie Strong

Andrew Sim

Asbjørn Skou

Beth Kettel

Bex Massey

Billy Craigan-Toon

Bobby Sayers

bod [包家巷]

Burkut Kum

Charlie Duck

Charlotte Cullen

Ciarán Harrington

Collette Rayner

Connor Brazier

Craig Fisher

Daniel Sean Kelly

Dominic Watson

Elin Karlsson

Elvin Sanders

Emii Alrai

Emily Simpson

Felicity Barrow

Frédéric Liwer

Gabriel Méo

Gabriel Nils Edvinsson

Giulio Scalisi

Gregory Herbert

Harry Hurlock

Harry Meadley

Jack Fisher

Jake Kent

James St Findlay

Joanne Lee

Johan Melander

John Fuller

Kaisa Luukkonen

Lucy Wilson

Mark Riddington

Mimi Winsor

Monty Renshaw

Oliver Tierré

Riikka Gröndahl

Rob Flint

Robert Thomas James Mills

Sam Hewland

Sam Read

Simon Raven

Sophie Jennis

Stach Szumski


Suzanne van der Lingen

Tea Strazicic

The White Pube

Twee Whistler

Victoria Grenier

Ville Kallio

Wally Petrushenko

12Ø Collective


Much love.

Joe & Connor